About us

1. Introduction

Core Construction is a company with a plan to succeed since 2009 established in Kuwait for the purpose of skeleton jobs, finishing and even turnkey jobs.

Our foundation is solid; it is built on the reputation of honesty, quality, workmanship, respect for long-term client's relationship, and a history of professional management and innovation.

Safety in the work place is one of our key criteria of success, our commitment to maintain the highest standard of excellence which is shared by all of our employees.

We make it a priority to retain and promote the best employees in our organization. We constantly develop and train our staff to enhance their capabilities to make use of the latest technology and best practices. Furthermore, we continuously strive to upgrade project's control, where initiative is recognized and results are awarded.

Core construction has set forth its strategy to ensure continuous growth and success for many years ahead.

Core is already Pre-Qualified in Municipality as General Contractor company type C , Under process to get the formal Permit.


2. Vision, Mission, & Values

Core Vision

To be considered as the quality leader in all markets that we operate in and to be the preferred choice by our potential clients and employees.

Core Mission

Maximizing our long term benefits by satisfying customers' needs through value added design, construction, and project management services by utilizing our people passionate and continuous strive to be the best.

Core Values

* Integrity can not be compromised. We are honest, consistent, and fair in all aspects of our behavior, and we communicate openly and directly.
* Customer satisfaction is a corner stone in our success. We will strive to exceed customer's expectations and will dedicate our time and efforts to deliver a quality service to all clients.
* Commitment to innovation. We consider that learning and development is a continuous process. Consequently, we will adapt a state of the art technology and practices to enhance the efficiency of our operations.
* Safety first. Our employees are the most important assets. Therefore, we will offer safe and sustainable working conditions for them.
* Great teams build great companies. We will seek to attract, and develop leading talents, and we will create an environment where individual growth is the foundation of company growth.


3. Objectives

Short Run Objectives (one year)

* Developing and implementing the company's policies & procedures.
* Endorsing cost effective approach.
* Attracting and retaining talented employees.
* Enhancing our employee's capabilities through training and continuous learning approach.
* Encouraging a healthy and safety working environment.

Long Run Objectives (three years)

* Endorsing business diversification strategy.
* Position CORE as the market leader in the construction structure industry.
* Enhancing the company's fixed assets strategy by acquiring lands and building.
* Endorsing customer oriented approach, where we consider our customers' satisfaction is the CORE of our existence.


4. Commitment to Quality

CORE Construction Company is committed to performing the highest quality workmanship available. We have earned a reputation for giving attention to details and uncompromising commitment to quality.

We are committed to ensuring every client's interaction with our company is a quality experience. This commitment is the essence of our corporate character and is reinforced with every step in our project development process.

From the initial consultation, to the work-in-progress, right down to the final stages of the finished project, you'll witness our dedication to exceptional service and expert workmanship. The result-an extraordinary space that you'll enjoy working in for years to come. This commitment to quality is a fundamental element that distinguishes CORE Construction Company from others in the field.

Our name is our reputation and we will never cut corners or do just enough. We will never compromise on quality. Your investment will be treated as if it is to be passed down to many more generations.

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